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Learning to Breathe in the Face of Blustery Winds




As I step outside, my face stings from the chilled, blowing air pushing its way through my body.

My throat is caught off guard; attempting to take in air at a slower pace. Yet, the frigid heavy wind finds my mouth and forces its way in; making resistance difficult.  A battle of the colliding forces entangles.

My scarf! Quickly wrapped around my neck, it provides  a warm safe space to allow the life giving process inside to proceed. ah……………….At once, the air flows out of my lungs and back in rhythmically. No longer stifled. I am surrounded by a fortress of protection.

A few years ago, I confronted an equally blustery wind. Blowing with blustery force into my soul. My lungs initially blindsided by the cold grasped to exhale. My eyes witnessing the unforeseen storm of sickness and epilepsy emerge in my teen son. Death of my husband’s beloved grandmother. Death of a dear family friend. Death of an aunt


But breath is essential to life. The forces of death and life collide. A battle entangles. I fight. hard. I need a fortress of protection….and like the scarf, I find it right in front of me….and behind me….and next to me…..

Yahweh. The Holy Spirit. One breathing life into my humanity; One breathing life into my soul. Ruach and Pneuma; together awakening the physical and spiritual rhythms necessary for me to move forward to the next moments.

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life,…”   Deut. 30:19