Recognizing the Opportunities We Have to Bless Each Other

We belong to each other.

Currently, in this surreal season of change, I am working as a Door Dash driver. God has repurposed me numerous times. Not surprisingly, I am led down a path that I never expected. And I am always blessed in ways I never expected.

Originally, it seemed as if I was simply performing a task for someone. And truthfully, I have never been a fan of our ever increasing byte sized interactions with each other due to digital conveniences. But, as I thought about how I might be used for God’s purposes in it, I realized that there might be so much more going on behind the scenes than I realize. Maybe it’s the exhausted parent who simply wants a break. Or someone who, for various reasons, doesn’t want to venture out in public right now. Whatever the reason, God uses us to bless each other-however that takes place.

So with that mindset, I scurried to deliver an order last night. As I arrived, I could not find the address and called the customer. She came around the corner with her child. And as I handed over the pizza, her daughter handed me a hand drawn note with an attached ziplock bag of candy. Certainly shared from her own stash.

Byte sized moments of interaction resulted in large amounts of blessing. For both of us. In this age where connections with each other seem hampered more than usual, we still have the capacity to see the imago dei in each other. Sacred connections can still take place. Even if it looks like a hand drawn note and some tootsie rolls.

How could you bless someone today?

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9 thoughts on “Recognizing the Opportunities We Have to Bless Each Other

  1. Laurie

    I thank God for you, Stephanie. He does nothing one way in our relationships and our light-bearing givenness returns fruit to us and glory to Him always. As I read I immediately prayed that you would know the blessings of being kept and upheld in our Father’s righteous right hand as you go where He sends you. I smile to think of the many of your prayers that perfume the air …


  2. barefootlilylady

    This post challenged my heart today; I shared it with my friends on Facebook. Thank you for taking time to write and for making me think about how I might show my faith by my works. ~Cindie

  3. Loretta

    Awwww totally love this. What a gorgeous note and such a.huge thing for a child to do. I expect it made you feel so special. ❤ random acts of kindness every time. God bless fmf #4

  4. Cindy

    Oh how I love this!!! We never, ever know how God may use us to touch the lives of others or who He will use to touch ours! Thanks for the challenge! I’m going to try and be a blessing where I can! Wonderful post Stephanie!


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