Embracing Sacred Relief When Something is Found

I noticed it was missing.

The diamond on my engagement band adorned my finger for 24 years. After a while, certain pieces of Jewelry become second “skin.” They form familiar senses in your movements and often carry stories of your life.

If my engagement ring could talk, it would share it’s adventurous and somewhat scandalous journey. My now husband found the jeweler through a friend who agreed to offer a whole price deal on it. It’s trek to my finger included meetings between strangers in a mall parking lot to exchange ring for currency. And a funny story about my husband proposing to me on a Thanksgiving morning and me thinking he was joking at first. The ring has immense value to me.

So when I glanced down on a July evening two years ago and noticed an empty spot between the prongs, it felt as though my heart stopped. How could something that means so much to me be gone?

Immediately, those in my midst began searching. Fortunately my home is small. But so is a diamond. On our hands and knees, we crawled. Exploring every corner and examining every crevice.

And then my teenaged son found it! He went down to the basement with a flashlight. There, near the washing machine on a gray concrete floor, laid my gem. His shout of discovery caused a flood of relief through my veins.

The story reminds me of the “lost parables in scripture (Luke 15). We are worth so much more than the diamond yet God seeks us. May we be reminded of our immense value and proclaim it to others in word and action.

We love  because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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4 thoughts on “Embracing Sacred Relief When Something is Found

  1. princessofthelaundrybasket

    I understand your relief – I lost a stone from my engagement ring twice: once I found it straight after it fell but not the other time. Thank goodness for insurance so we could replace or return it each time (and a change in mount to make it safer).
    It certainly makes the Bible story of the Lost Coin come alive, doesn’t it?
    Your FMF Neighbour #33

  2. Cindy

    Love this story and what it reminds us of! It really is a miracle you found your diamond and a miracle God provided for us who were lost!

  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Stephanie, I can relate to this…when Barb and I married, we thought we should BOTH have engagement rings, and one day the stone fell from mine…on a gravel driveway.

    I despaired until a single shaft of sunlight exposed it in sparkling light.

    I found it, yes, I found it,
    that which I’d thought lost,
    for the search I did not quit,
    nor did I count the cost.
    I had not felt it steal away,
    just knew that it had gone
    when every new and precious day
    came without a dawn.
    But the harder that I sought my goal
    the further it would flee,
    ’till I stopped to wait, and like a foal
    it timidly came back to me.
    And I found again my fear’s surcease
    in God’s quiet, holy peace.


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