The Power Of Reminding Others They are Known

He remembered my name.

I first met Neil the previous week. As a shy sixteen year old, I ventured to the weekly high school gathering known as Young Life alone. I had heard enough chatter about it to pique my curiosity. In addition, I observed the engagement of the leaders with students on my campus at lunch time and extracurricular events. I wanted in.

It’s no coincidence that navigating my relationship with God around the same time. These leaders exuded something I had never seen: an unconditional love toward teens. Simply building relationships with them on their turf and in their terms.

I experienced a taste of it myself the first time I attended so I returned for the second week. I pushed through the intimidation of the 100 or so other students cramped into someone’s basement family room. As I walked in, his voice met me with a loud greeting, “Stephanie!”

He remembered my name. To remain unknown in a sea of teenagers can be a lonely experience. He remembered my name.

My life changed dramatically that day. I was reminded that I am known-to him and to God.

” Look, I’ve written your names on the backs of my hands. “ Isaiah 49:16.

As a substitute teacher, I carry Neil’s words into the classroom. I try to remember the names of my students who I see repeatedly. Because we all need reminding, in a sea of social media images, that we are known.

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5 thoughts on “The Power Of Reminding Others They are Known

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Made me think of why I have so many dogs.

    Will you stop to know me,
    or will you pass on by?
    I’ve much to give, though destiny
    has fated me to die.
    I do not know just what I did,
    what could have brought me here
    Perhaps the world is better rid
    of me, than shedding tears.
    But wait, I see you stopping;
    is recognition in your eyes
    for a new-old friend who’s hopping,
    and so tired of goodbyes?
    And now, at last, for me I’m known,
    and now, at last, I have a home!


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