I Vow to be a Bridge Crosser

Sometimes building bridges isn’t the solution. Crossing them is.

I stand in this sacred space. This is no longer video footage. Standing before me, lies a bridge meant to connect but symbolizes division, hatred, death. I struggle to breathe in the filthy air that pollutes humanity. Its toxicity flows deep into my lungs as I begin walking forward.

But I exhale. Releasing the fumes and breathe in the air of those I walk near. They are here in spirit. The silence of this somber walk is infused with the shouting of those on the other side. Those who refuse to let go of powers that oppress and kill. Evil stares us in the face.

My feet walk in their steps. I carry their energy in my being. Heavy legs, deep breaths. My body feels theirs ; resilient bodies move toward harm in order to claim restoration for themselves. Even if it means brokenness in the process. God’s Kingdom needs repair as it unfolds on this earthly one. And we all need to find our bridges.

I vow to continue to walk forward as they did. Because sometimes we need to cross bridges and confront evil face to face. I am determined to be a bridge crosser.

How about you?

5 thoughts on “I Vow to be a Bridge Crosser

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    They said I need to cross the bridge,
    but I think I didn’t get the memo.
    maybe it fell behind the fridge;
    anyway, what I do is demo.
    I went to engineering school
    to learn the art of Knock It Down
    and really, that stuff’s pretty cool,
    and you’ d never find me with a frown.
    C-4 and Semtex are my friends,
    and double-fuse the charge, for luck
    that ensures destructive ends
    (and maybe we will bag a truck!).
    Hard luck on our span-fallen foes,
    but ’twas their choice, to come to blows.


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