Why Sharing Conversations on A Virtual Porch Will Help Us Know Our American Neighbors

When observing a narrative different from ours, the knee jerk reactions come quickly.
I can’t believe she let her kids….
I would never eat…..
That’s dangerous!
They don’t care about…
I can’t believe they find that entertaining…
That’s irresponsible
What a waste of money
Don’t they know……..?
But if we were privy to more than a glimpse of someone’s life, we would learn more. I shutter to think what could be assumed about mine.  A snapshot is just that. It captures a millisecond. A social media video does not offer too much more.

We see things through the lens of our story. But, at some point, we need to expand our lens. It requires humility. Maybe the lens informing my life doesn’t give me the bigger picture. How might that impact how I view my American neighbors? How might that influence the ways I show that I love them?
This Wednesday, I am launching a movement to learn from our American neighbors. How can we love our neighbors as ourselves if we don’t see our neighbors as ourselves? (For more background on my movement, read this:https://stephaniejthompson.com/2019/05/25/why-sharing-our-cultures-helps-us-know-our-collective-story/

Join me on my virtual front porch (my blog) this Wednesday night for the beginning of conversations to help us build relationship and understanding of our different landscapes. Each week will feature a simple question that will serve as a prompt for a post.
Are you coming over?


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