Five Opportunities to Help Your Kids Learn to Tangibly Love Others

Looking for ways to teach your kids some ways God uses us to tangibly love others? The following organizations have kid friendly opportunities for them to choose and give gifts which will transform the lives of other kids. Some offer personal interaction as well as donations. What they will realize is that God meets us in the connections with each other. Can it feel uncomfortable at times? Of course. Loving others should demand sacrifice at some level. But, the more we are informed, the more we desire to fight for abundance for all. We recognize that God provides ways for us to provide for each other.
Feeding children while empowering women artesans in Peru with a fair trade sustainable income through the purchase of a doll is how this organization operates. “It’s about putting the principles of fairness and decency before profits.”The founders are a married couple who have a background in health and are parents which fuels their passion for feeding children and empowering mothers. Through partnerships, the income from the purchases feeds children around the world. One $50 high quality doll made from sustainable materials can yield ten meals.
Connecting others with kids in foster care is the goal of this organization. It offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and programs which provide pathways to extend love to others. Their “niche” is offering team building opportunities for you to host at your house, office, workplace or other site. The most popular ones are build a bike, birthday boxes, superhero boxes, and decorating duffle bags (many foster kids carry their belongings in a trash bag), In addition, there are individual ways to give through sponsoring gifts and hands on connection through various events.
As the site states, “Every year nearly 500,000 children are impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma and spend time in our nation’s foster care system. ” Their mission is to spread love, hope, and joy to them as well as lift up their voices. One of the most practical ways is to let them submit a wish (via an agency): toys, games, clothes, and experiences. Wishes are granted by anyone choosing to fulfill it. Browse the site and find one (or more)!
“Defendants are nine times more likely to plead guilty to a misdemeanor due to their inability to post bail, putting them at risk for losing their homes, jobs and ultimately making them unable to defend themselves (via” The U.S. justice system is badly in need of reform. Racial, economic, and mental health disparities often lead to frequent incarceration of individuals who are not criminally guilty of their charges. Bail itself does not exonerate but it does allow for freedom from wrongful jail time, ability to work while waiting for resolution, opportunity to obtain legal aid, and decrease trauma to family members. The ripple effect of not affording bail has widespread social implications to all of us. Simply connect your debit card to the app, and all purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, the change going toward the organization.
Currently, 68 million people are uprooted by crisis worldwide. The traumatic results include homelessness, separation from family, disease, injury, access to a sanitary environment and clean water. IRC was been at work transforming lives for 85 years. Initially begun as a call to a humanitarian effort to meet the needs of lives shattered as Hitler rose to power. My eyes were initially drawn to an ad on Facebook about sending baby boxes to mothers. While that is one of the popular gifts purchased, there are so many options to choose from. Pick a gift in honor of a family member and know that you are also celebrating the life of someone else at the same time.  *Charitywatch gives IRC a high ranking.

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