How Jesus’s Words About Measuring Life Speak into Today’s Headlines

It can be viewed as a modern day parable. Yet, the lesson is timeless.
The story of wealthy families accused of cheating the college admissions system rocked the headlines. The resulting public outrage exploded on talk shows, blog posts and online comment sections.
When I heard, my jaw dropped. A whirl of thoughts spun inside my mind. A mixture of emotions swirled in my heart. Why would they do such a thing? How did they get to this place? I felt anger at these people who never considered the cost of their actions to others. I wondered how parents could place so much value on a college admission.
And then the fallout commenced. And so did the heaviness in my heart. Because no one wins.
Not the families involved, those who were complicit in carrying out the scheme, the students who were cheated and even those of us not directly related to the events.
Recent news reports have shared updates on the families which include feelings of despair, fear, and fractured relationships. All because of a lure for security which, ultimately, cannot be bought for any earthly price.
Because nothing on this earth will ultimately satisfy.
Jesus had a lot to say about money. Not because, in itself, it is evil but because of the way it easily becomes a pathway to attain power and security on earth. God know us better than we know ourselves.
Then he said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.” Luke 12:15
Life is not measured by how much money, degrees, investments, children in college, you tube followers, social media friends, “likes,” and travel teams in which your kids belong.
Any of those things can change in a moment and then where do you root your hope?
May we learn from this cautionary tale. In addition, may we be reminded that we are all extended God’s extravagant grace and unlimited mercies as we continue to find our way. Thanks be to God who knows us better than we knows ourselves.
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2 thoughts on “How Jesus’s Words About Measuring Life Speak into Today’s Headlines

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    By almost any earthly measure
    you’d call my life a ruin.
    But to me, it is a treasure;
    an experiential Shroud of Turin.
    Today’s pain is unceasing
    with malignancy’s attack
    and abdomen-tumours increasing,
    a cancerous six-pack.
    But in the horror there is grace
    that was so unsuspected,
    that in each spasm I see the Face
    of He whom the world rejected.
    Christ, as my body now rejects me,
    more and more, I cling to Thee!


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