When My Son's Teacher Reminded Me of What Matters

I anticipated a quick overview of my son’s academic progress. My husband and I arrived for the annual parent teacher conferences for our youngest. In my mind, an audio of the expected conversation played in my head.
We could have skipped the conference but in person connections with people that profoundly influence your child are important to us. They can offer insight into our children that, we, as parents may miss.
I anticipated hearing about his grades. Isn’t that the main¬†agenda for conferences? He is a sophomore. For him, academic success as measured by public educational standards comes somewhat easy for him

I anticipated hearing that he is well behaved. His personality is such that he thrives in structure and has a natural desire to be helpful in whatever environment in which he finds himself.
What I didn’t anticipate was the teacher’s next comment. The words penetrated my soul. Truthfully, the impact hit so hard, my breath struggled to continue it’s rhythm.
“Your child is a wonderful human being.”
These words.Liberating. Life giving. Gratitude worthy.
As parents, we give our best efforts to raise a human being who becomes a productive member of society. We strive to model and cultivate the imago dei in our children.
But life is unpredictable. Factors outside of our control threaten our best intentions. And we hope and pray that our kids will endure and in some way, their life will make a mark in this world.
I anticipated hearing about academic progress. But I walked out thankful for something else. Regardless of whether or not our kids achieve high academic status, pursue a non collegiate route or obtain admission into their dream school, blessing others transforms our world.
In the end, isn’t that what matters?

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