Recognizing "Mid-life" Means Life is Anything But Complete

“Mid age crisis”
The term used to go over my head. Until my mind wrestled with it a few months ago.
Suddenly, I found myself at a crossroads. The problem wasn’t that there were no beckoning paths. The wresting came as I tried to discern which one. There was no one to ask where I should go because no one else has walked my life. God’s purposes for someone else do not necessarily line up with God’s purposes for me.
For someone who finds comfort being in control, this place flooded me with fear.
How will I know which direction to go?
What’s my purpose?
Where is God leading me?
In the first half of my life. so much of my earthly identity was tied to “natural” progressions. Beginning a career, getting married, raising children, home schooling my daughter all seemed to flow easily out of God’s whispers in my spirit.
But this was different. The opportunity to embrace a new season seemed overwhelming.
So I prayed. And talked (sometimes ranted). And listened. I was reminded that the purposes infused into my being while I was knit together in the womb are still unfolding. There is no age cap on the way God’s story is woven through us.
Sarah was in her 90’s when she began becoming a matriarch of a nation.
Anna served as a prophetess and participated in the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.
Naomi accompanied her daughters-in-law as they proceeded to Moab and eventually sustained the life of her grandson. She became the great grandmother of King David.
God’s work in us never stops.
Our purposes are never complete.
I may not have all the answers I desire right now but I’m learning that’s O.K. Many others have come to their crossroads and have never been left there.
Only God knows what’s about to unfold.
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4 thoughts on “Recognizing "Mid-life" Means Life is Anything But Complete

  1. Carol

    I’m glad you pointed out the women in the Bible that were not restricted by their age. Your post is encouraging as I listen for direction. Have a blessed Sunday!


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