Sometimes the Most Memorable Moments of Vacation Aren't on the Schedule.

Sometimes, the highlights of a vacation are those experiences that don’t have a place on the schedule.
Last month, my family road tripped to Washington D.C.  Our kids had never traveled there and my husband and I had visited as children. Trying to choose what sights to see became challenging; so many places to explore in a limited amount of time.
The Smithsonian, White House, and National Landmarks made the cut.
Standing in the places witnessed to in history books is surreal. Acknowledging whose feet tread there before ours and grasping how our lives have been impacted by them is an amazing experience. My kids will remember these moments for a lifetime.
Yet, equally as memorable are the unique experiences shared in the paths leading to less notable places. One such place for us was Georgetown Cupcakes.
In a whim, we fit it into our schedule. It was a dream come true for my daughter-an aspiring chef. Together, we had watched the reality show based there during our lunch breaks during long home schooling days. To see the sparkle and excitement in her eyes as she and I stood in the pink and white whimsical bakery was priceless. (and the cupcakes were delicious too!).
We also experienced new foods to our palettes at restaurants and food stops that we don’t have at home. These simple detours bring an awareness of culture outside of our own. My kids developed an awareness that there is much to explore even in our own country. And much of it lies under the radar. You will not find it in a book on tourism. It is found through engagement with people and surroundings.
So we have lots of memories to hold onto from that trip. Yes, the Smithsonian was a fantastic learning experience. But so was the quick stop at WAWA for a frozen beverage and the stay in our hotel.
In the end, vacation is about restoration. And that can happen in the most simplistic of ways.
Where did you gather a memory in an unexpected place while on vacation?
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6 thoughts on “Sometimes the Most Memorable Moments of Vacation Aren't on the Schedule.

  1. Jennifer Smith

    Georgetown Cupcakes is always a hit! And, although I live “just down the highway” from Georgetown, I’ve actually never been inside. The line is always out the door and around the corner!! Glad you enjoyed your trip here!!

  2. Tara

    There is so much to see in DC! Sounds like you had a fun vacation. And those cupcakes look divine. I’m in the 24 spot this week.

  3. Anita Ojeda

    One of our most memorable family vacations as a kid happened when we went to St. Simon’s Island–after reading all of Eugenia Price’s books that took place there. I loved connecting history with real places :).

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I love that! As a child. we went to Williamsburg and Gettysburg twice. Those memories still linger. Actually, while we were in D.C., I passed the Ford Theater and stopped for a minute to imagine what was going on in the spot I was standing when Lincoln was shot.


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