What is Your “New” Purpose?

For as long as I can remember, my daughter has been in the business of repurposing things. She sees an object differently than most of us. She possesses a unique skill which involves asking the question, “what can this become?”

She has the ability to turn the ordinary into something new.

A Christmases ago, I found her surrounded by tissue paper at the kitchen table. I figured she was just wrapping a present.

A few hours later, she carried out a small gift bag which held her present to her uncle: a giant jaw breaker.

The small bag intrigued me: I hadn’t remembered it among our store of gift wrap and reusable bags.  But the secret was revealed.

Proudly, my daughter explained that she had taken an empty cardboard band-aid box and turned it into a gift bag. Covered in white paint and stamped with glittery gold snowflakes, the box radiated it’s beauty. The final touch was the gold ribbon attached through the punched holes on the side.

Truthfully, the original design of the band-aid box served its purpose. It’s beauty lied in that. Who would want band aids falling out of the now open top when you are in a hurry to treat a wound? How would glittery gold snowflakes convey to a consumer that band aids were actually hidden inside?

God’s words to the Israelites speak into the process of repurposing: for them and for us. ““Forget about what’s happened;
    don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.”  (Isaiah 43:18-19)

God is always in the business of renaming us in order to fulfill new purposes

What is your “new?”

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7 thoughts on “What is Your “New” Purpose?

  1. wisdomfromafather

    Visiting as your FMF neighbor. Kudos to your daughter! I would have ended up with a broken, tattered and torn old band-aid box crudely painted and certainly without any glitz or glitter. In fact, it probably would have looked like it needed a band-aid. Encourage her creativity and continue sharing it with us.


  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Wow, Stephanie, your daughter has quite a wonderful talent!

    I guess my rebranding is witness to the fact that life is still worth living, in each moment to the full, even when the pain and dread of cancer make one want to do almost anything to escape. It’s a matter of being intentional through it all.

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  3. Tara

    Sounds like your daughter is very talented. Im always amazed at people who can take something and turn it into something completely different. I’m in the 52 spot this week.


  4. Marie

    I want your daughter to come and wrap gifts for me. I suck at that.

    “Forget about what’s happened…” One of the difficult commands. I dwell on past things and wonder what I could have/should have done differently. I miss out on the freedom of forgiveness and renewal. God wants me to confess, do what I need to do to make the situation right, and them move on. Thanks for this reminder!

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  5. E. Adams Wright

    Your post reminded me of a message preached by one of the pastors at my home church. He shared that, sometimes, the new that God has for us is not a new place but for us to show up in places in our lives with a new attitude, a sense of purpose. Thanks for the reminder. Visiting from FMF.



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