The Early Years Seemed So Long But Now I’m Savoring Every Moment

The Early Years Seemed So Long But Now I'm Savoring Every Moment
Four months.
How can a set amount of time feel like an eternity in one season and a vapor in another?
Lately, I find myself wrestling with the paradox.
My twenty year old son is preparing to transfer to an out of state school next fall. It’s not as if I haven’t had time to process the transition. In fact, I’ve benefited from having him live at home for the past two years.
As we entered his senior year of high school in 2015, the path after graduation appeared vague. Would he go away? Stay at home? For some the answers may seem obvious. The lure of scholarships, the desire for independence, and following in the footsteps of “tradition” give way to moving away from home.
But our story led to a different way. Read the rest here…

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