Are You Ready to Release Your Confetti….Prayer?

Almost every year, it arrives in my birthday card from my sister.
You would think I would be used to it but I am surprised every year. Yet, isn’t that the point of confetti? It’s connected with surprise-even expected surprise.
It symbolizes celebration.
Think about the last time you threw it. Was it New Year’s? Eve A parade? A wedding? A birthday?
There’s something about those small multi-colored, sometimes glittery, miniscule pieces of paper that add a layer of joy to an experience. Even more so when the confetti is released in a collective fashion.
For a brief moment, you feel transported to a different world. The tiny specks flutter down and adorn all that it covers.
Yet, it requires surrender. Knuckle by knuckle, the fingers draw back allowing for the hands to yield upwards and release that which it has been holding with a clenched fist.
As I was reflecting on my prayers this week, it occurred to me that some requests render themselves so very similar to releasing confetti into the air.
There are longings which spring from our hearts for things that seem so far reaching. Where they land, we do not know. Yet, what is there to lose by releasing those dreams up to God?
Many times, our brains and hearts navigate to doubt. Why would God answer a prayer that could be in line with my heart’s desire for something so extravagant? So seemingly impossible?
But scripture speaks to this fear: May he give you what your heart wishes for.
    May he make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4
Certainly, God’s desire is always in our best interest. Our prayers may indeed land differently than we hoped.
But even that reality is worthy of celebration.
Let’s not confine God to our own expectations. Let’s release those dreams placed on our hearts and watch where they fall. God is so much bigger than what we can grasp. As we share those dreams with others, they too, can release our prayers.
Knuckle by knuckle, our hands retract releasing that which our fists clenched.
And together we will celebrate. We will see the evidence of a great God who knows the desires of our hearts and loves us enough to give us what we need falling over us.
May we keep our eyes open as we wait.
What is your “confetti” prayer?
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5 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Release Your Confetti….Prayer?

  1. Julia Putzke

    “Yet, what is there to lose by releasing those dreams up to God?” I love that. Confetti prayer: Getting closer to a new friend after walking away from another one that was unhealthy. There is this fear that this friendship will end up the same even though I feel different with this friend. I don’t feel like I’m trying so hard and I don’t have to rush to gain trust. I know God knows all the fears and desires and every time I pray, it always seems a little easier to release it.
    My birthday is this month and now you’ve made me want confetti, lol.
    And the verse reminded me of this:
    we’re neighbors on fmf today. 🙂

  2. Tara

    Love this so much! My confetti prayer is to be a wife and momma! Annie Downs loves confetti. I think she’d love this post too. I’m in the 29 spot this week.

  3. juliedibblewrites

    Love everything about this, Stephanie. Been praying about my next guided meditation post on surrender. “knuckle by knuckle” Thank you and have a blessed Saturday, Julie

  4. Marie

    “…falling over us.”
    In my mind’s eye I see myself tossing confetti in the air, the best and most expensive kind I can find, and God showers even better confetti on me, more beautiful than I could ever dream. And I feel a renewed sense of peace.

  5. Carol

    Lovely way for your sister to send birthday wishes/celebration. The analogy to prayer is one to muse on. Praise. God’s grace and blessing.Our adoption and inheritance.


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