Grasping our Minds and Hands Around the "Why?"

“Lord, how long do I have to call out for help?
    Why don’t you listen to me?
How long must I keep telling you
    that things are terrible?
    Why don’t you save us?
Why do you make me watch while
    people treat others so unfairly?
Why do you put up with the wrong things
    they are doing?
I have to look at death.
    People are harming others.
    They are arguing and fighting all the time.
The law can’t do what it’s supposed to do.
    Fairness never comes out on top.
Sinful people surround those
    who do what is right.
    So people are never treated fairly.” (Habakkuk 1:2-4)
These words.
Catapulted into the air out of a heart weighed down by despair. discouragement. fear.
These words.
Though uttered by a man thousands of years ago, become ours spoken this week.
These words.
Aimed toward the One who isn’t afraid to hear them.
These words become condensed to one.
Though answers seem elusive, scripture bears witness to these truths: Love your God with all your heart and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself.
When we sin against God, we sin against our neighbor. We are both broken in the process.
But if we love God, we can love our neighbor. We are both restored in the process.
No one said it was easy. Habakkuk was all too aware of that.
But it’s possible. The first commandment makes it so.
Perhaps we can diminish some “whys”
Author Ann Vos Kamp writes, “Small things can change everything. Doing the smallest thing, even when we feel like we have nothing to give, can begin to change everything. Every one of us can start changing headlines when we start reaching out our hands. “
Where can you begin?
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7 thoughts on “Grasping our Minds and Hands Around the "Why?"

  1. Lisa Brittain

    Perhaps we can diminish some “whys”
    Somehow we have to do something – even one little thing to make a difference. And one neighbor loved at a time is doing our part. Thank you for a beautiful and hopeful reminder to do the right next thing. #70 this week on the FMF linkup

  2. Jeanne Takenaka

    Stephanie, a powerful post. I’ve never read that translation of Habakkuk before, but man does it relate perfectly to today. Thank you so much for the reminder that when we love others, restoration can happen. God can move in ways we never imagined. Thank you for the exhortation to do something. To reach out. I’m praying about this one.


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