What Excuse is Holding You Back From Fighting for Truth?

One of my favorite movies of all time is Wonder woman.  As a kid, I loved the show. But the show had a much more campy feel than the movie. What amazed me about the movie was that the multitude of lessons that are learned resonate with Christian theology. She must choose how she will respond to situations which are all too common to humanity (of which she is not.). Through these interactions, her character is revealed. Writing about one particular aspect of her character, blogger Megan Morris says this:
As Diana prepares to leave the island of Themyscira, her mother, Queen Hippolyta, comes on the scene. The queen is both deeply saddened and greatly disappointed that her beloved daughter has chosen to leave home— to leave safety, security, and the only family she’s ever known. Despite her mother’s feelings of disapproval, Diana remains steadfast. The princess is unwavering in her pursuit of what she feels called to do, making her decision based on truth, and not on how others feel about her decision.”
She is committed to the battle at hand.
No Excuses.
Wonder Woman is a fictional character. Yet, how do her actions compare with our commitment to our cause-following Jesus?
Are we as steadfast when we confront our excuses for fighting for truth?
In Luke 7, Jesus tells the story of three men who desired to follow Jesus but their humanity got in the way. Each of their excuses seem plausible. But Jesus does not give them a pass. He knew them well enough to understand their uncertainty yet offers them the opportunity to find their refuge and purpose in him.
But for each one, the excuses win over committing to their spoken desire to follow Jesus. completely.
Fighting for truth involves risk.
So does living without it.
But only one of the options will lead to transformation: both in yourself and in our world.
What’s holding you back?
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7 thoughts on “What Excuse is Holding You Back From Fighting for Truth?

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I appreciate your honesty Andrew. In your situation, that’s where God’s mercies enter in. You are a fighter and the Holy Spirit fills in with groans.

  1. Anne Mackie Morelli

    Stephanie, I enjoyed reading your post. I particularly appreciated your comments around how making excuses can cause us to miss Jesus’ best for us. And that although there is risk involved in following and obeying him, there is greater risk in making excuses and refusing. Glad to be your FMF neighbor this week!

  2. ambertaube

    This is something we are fighting constantly here. Nothing about following Jesus in a Hindu country is comfortable or easy. Especially for our converts. There is absolutely a risk, especially here, for us and for our people as we live our lives for Jesus in a place that does not acknowledge Him, but we can be sure it is worth it. Thanks for sharing this truth.


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