How We Might Overcome Evil; One Click at a Time

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21
The term “keyboard warrior” aptly describes any of us; given the perfect storm of elements. In this digital age, communicating in the heat of the moment becomes an all to real temptation. The moment we read an article or comment that pushes our buttons, the adrenaline alarm rings inside. The heart beats faster, the mind begins racing, anger pulses through our veins. And our fingers impulsively gravitate to the keyboard in order to type out a response.
But what if we practiced the discipline of pause?
Oh, there’s much to lose by it. Power. Immediate gratification. A feeling of self righteousness.
But what do we gain?
humility. The voice of the Holy Spirit. Conviction. Empathy.
We tend to literally live in the moments. Bytes of interaction make up our days rather than relationships cultivated over periods of time. Our interactions become a series of transactions determined by non connected narratives.
What if loving our neighbors as ourselves included practicing the hard things for both our benefit and someone else’s?
How might we shine the light of Christ into the dark places of other’s hearts by responding to them in a counter cultural manner? One that would clearly affirm to them that we are not actually citizens of this world?
Oh, this is hard stuff. It doesn’t come easily.
Which is why we have to call on Jesus to make it happen. And we have to want it enough to do that.
So let’s do it together. Let’s covenant to do the hard thing. I want to witness the transformation that happens when we yield to Jesus; one heart at a time. What about you?
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7 thoughts on “How We Might Overcome Evil; One Click at a Time

  1. Julie Lefebure

    Thank you for this inspiring challenge. We chose the same verse for this week’s prompt! I love how God does that! It’s a joy to follow you this week at FMF! Blessings on your weekend!

  2. juliedibblewrites

    Stephanie your description of a keyboard warrior is hauntingly accurate. I appreciate the challenge you pose and would love further conversation. Blessings upon your Saturday, Julie

  3. Marie

    Mmmmm, yes. Good word here, Stephanie. It’s easy to tap the keys, hit “send” and walk away. It’s much harder to think about what words we’re typing out and what we’re sending into the world. Every click has repercussions. Thank you for this.


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