The Amazing Connection We Discovered With a Stranger

Sometimes the world doesn’t really seem so big.
A few years ago, our family traveled to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to take our daughter to camp. Covenant Harbor Bible Camp plays a significant role in the life of my family. My husband worked there for seven summers. Our kids have enjoyed several seasons of camp. They have been challenged to discover more about God’s character and how it relates to their identity in Jesus. God has spoken into their lives through creation: both the surrounding landscape and us: the image bearers.
We arrived early so that we could attend the Sunday morning worship service and leisurely enjoy the grounds before check-in. But, it seemed we overestimated the amount of free time we desired.Soon, we, realized we came to that moment when our kids have exhausted all the “fun” activities. Now what?
Wandering over to the activity center where check-in would take place, we found a few other families hanging out. While our kids engaged in a new game, we began chatting. I introduced myself to the woman next to me and asked where she was from.
“Oh, I don’t know if you know where it is.  It’s a small town in the suburbs-Glen Ellyn.”
“What?!” I replied. Unbeknownst to her, she was living in my husband’s hometown. In fact, his grandmother still lived there and we lived there as newlyweds.
As we engaged further in the new found connection, she mentioned that she lived across from a church: it happened to be the one in which my husband grew up and where we were married.
Oh, the irony.
And then I mentioned that my husband grew up across from the church…….and my mind leaped to the question that began pressing in: “What is your address?”
Oh , Yes it was. She lived in my husband’s childhood home!
After exchanging information about neighbors, questions about the structural milestones of the home and recognizing the profound connection discovered, we moved into the logistics of camp check-in.
Before we each left to go home, an invitation was offered.
“The next time you come up, stop by. But don’t ring the back doorbell. It still doesn’t work.”
What’s something amazing that you discovered about you and a stranger?
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