Thursday Thoughts: How Psalm 139 Becomes a Prayer For Your Child




The images are everywhere: smiling, healthy , beautiful children.  The children on T.V. may demonstrate the typical scenarios: desires for control, sibling rivalry, struggles with identity and choices.  For the most part, they are healthy and happy.  Our world finds it easy to celebrate healthy, happy children. They appear to illustrate our earthly (fallen) understanding of being made in the image of God.

But what is perceived about children who don’t fit that illustration? Children with physical disabilities? Children who appear healthy on the outside but on the inside are not? Children who experience social difficulties on a daily basis?  

Psalm 139 does not give conditions.  God’s hand is at work in the creation of ALL humans.  Our human mind may not be able to fully understand or grasp the reason for the physical and emotional challenges of a hurting child.  It may not see with the human eye, the purposes God is working through their lives.  But the truth is in the words of the writer of Psalm 139.  ALL children are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Read aloud the above verses, inserting your child’s name for “my”.  Make it a daily prayer of praise.  Let it shape your interactions and your relationship.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: How Psalm 139 Becomes a Prayer For Your Child

  1. Marie

    Wow, that’s good. The hubs and I aren’t able to have kids, so we are oraying about and talking over adoption. Any child we have is going to come with special needs. I love the idea of turning this psalm into a prayer for them!



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