How Inspirational Women of the Past Shape My Life Today

In recent years, I found myself introduced to a vibrant, bold, passionate and eclectic group of women.
If only I could invite them to my home for conversation. But that’s an event for another world; another time. Their audible prophetic voices on this earth have ceased but their legacies live on. Their words and zeal for transformation on this earth come alive through documentation of those who lived in their presence.
I imagine a party at my home in which I am honored to hear the stories of these women who inspire me. So many questions would compete to pour from my mouth.
Who inspired you?
What circumstance rooted your such passion?
How did you find strength to push through resistance?
Tell me about your childhood
When did you first awaken to your calling?
Someday, I hope to engage with them face to face. For now, they speak to me through literature. Though we do not share time together here, I find them encouraging me to pursue justice for all-through action and sharing stories.
My book shelf of guests encourage me; their stories speak to my soul:
Dorthea Dix-reformer for treatment of mental illness,
Elizabeth Fry-prison reformer
Hannah Moore-writer, abolitionist and reformer
Louisa May Alcott-abolitionist and writer
Jane Austen-writer whose writing briliiantly turned the tables of cultural perceptions of marital roles
Sarah Grimke-abolitionist who came from a slave-holding family. Later advocated for racial and gender equality
This world bears witness to their lives. How blessed are we?
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13 thoughts on “How Inspirational Women of the Past Shape My Life Today

  1. Leah D Everson

    First of all, yay that I am your FMF neighbor!! Second, thanks for the list of inspirational women. I wrote sort of a downer piece on inspiration today (I admit), but women who go before us are so important on leading us in our journey. I forget that sometimes. I’m grateful for YOU!!

  2. Tara

    I’ll have to learn more about Dorothea Dix! I don’t think I’ve heard of her before. I love sitting at me grandma and grandpas feet as they share stories of their life. I’m in the 7 spot this week.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      She amazes me. What a visionary in a culture that didn’t value women’s voices or validate people who fell outside the sphere of “acceptable,”

  3. Marie

    Great list! Hannah Moore is a hero of mine. She plowed through the fences around “what women can do” and just followed where the Lord led. I want to be like her.

  4. Christina Hubbard

    Stephanie, I love how you glean wisdom from these women. Jane is the best, huh? And Louisa too. What a collection! It’s good to appreciate those who have gone before. Thanks for sharing.


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