Who Defines Your Worth?

“Who touched my clothes?”
The ball of condemnation began to form in her throat. This woman whose story is found in Mark 5. Years of living in the margins and questioning your worth yields a fearful spirit. Certainly, this woman was no stranger to the perceptions of her. Culturally, she was considered unclean. Her assumed place was in the tent; along with the other women who were in various stages of shedding blood. Some in their menstrual cycles. Others in stages connected to giving life. Regardless, they were to remain separated from society. “Untouched;” their worth interpreted by laws and fear.
But, for, her, when would she ever be free? Free to enter society. Free to assume an identity other than “unclean.” Freedom from a misunderstood perception that her current malady was a sign of God removing favor.
If even your Creator rejects you, how do you define your worth?
But something drew her to Jesus. What did he possess that led her to boldly venture into the public eye when she should have been isolated? To come in contact with those she was to avoid?
And to touch the “man of the hour?” What was she thinking?
Hope. The anticipation that the rumors were true. This man held the divine power to restoration-one that reached beyond her own expectations.
“Who touched my clothes?”
What if his response once again affirmed the inhumane message hurled upon her repeatedly?
But in an instant she knew differently. Her instincts correct. She receives from one human what only could come from outside humanity. Restoration. Validation. Liberation.
Jesus is never out of our reach.
Who is defining your worth?
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11 thoughts on “Who Defines Your Worth?

  1. Donna Matthews

    This is great and exactly the idea I was trying to wrap my head around but ran out of time (trying to honor that 5-ish minute rule lol) – yes – all of our worth and all of our life comes from Him. Great job – xoxox

  2. E. Adams Wright

    “Who is defining your worth?” This is a question it will serve me well to ask myself regularly, in every season of life, so that my perspective consistently reflects His only. Thank you. Visiting from FMF.

  3. Jeanne Takenaka

    Stephanie, I love this story in the gospels. And I love that hope can overcome fear with amazing outcomes. You are right. We are not defined by what society says about us, or even by a condition our body bears. We are defined by Jesus. And He is the only One who can offer us true freedom and validation. Your message resonates deep in my heart.

  4. LRBrittain

    This is a beautiful post. A favorite story from the gospels, and​ a great example of WORTH.
    Thanks, Stephanie! Bless you with JOY on your journey!

  5. Jeannie Prinsen

    You’ve created such a powerful picture here, Stephanie. This woman had no right to touch Jesus, by her culture’s standards — it’s so amazing that she took that risk. And Jesus showed her how very valuable and worthwhile she was. Thanks for this: it’s beautiful.

  6. mareedee2016

    Stephanie – I loved your post from the minute I saw the picture to the last word I read. Beautiful! I have often wondered would I have the courage and the faith to reach out and touch his clothes. Would I believe like her it would make a difference. Sometimes I get so hung up on the rules of what is acceptable or what others might think. I fail to take a chance. I wonder would I have spoken up when he asked who touched my clothes. I think I would have been mortified and possibly missed the healing. Your post encouraged me to be bold and feel worthy. THank you!

  7. evaraye

    love this… she had the courage to reach out and touch him because she believed what was said about Jesus was true. A picture of courageous faith. Lord, let me walk in this kind of faith.


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