To the People Who Embrace My Daughter: Depression, Anxiety, and All

Words barely express the ways your actions have breathed life into my daughter.
Movement into unknown territory involves risks. Your willingness to do that does not go unnoticed. As you know, she’s not one of those outgoing social butterfly types. She’s an observer. In addition, her mental illness makes identifying and controlling emotions challenging. She realizes the impact of her actions and words, yet, managing the whirlwind within becomes difficult at times.
By inviting her into your space, you moved beyond the walls of fear that easily keep us from engaging with those who seem different from ourselves. Sometimes the fears are rooted in real experiences, yet, each of us has our own narrative. You have demonstrated to others that learning how to give and receive support is a significant life skill. There is no “us” and “them.” Everyone faces their own struggles.  Read more at:

2 thoughts on “To the People Who Embrace My Daughter: Depression, Anxiety, and All

  1. mareedee2016

    I just ran across this post. It brought tears to my eyes and thoughts of some wonderful people along the way that have loved my child. They, unfortunately, are few and far between. I get it; it is scary, one doesn’t know how to help, so people do nothing. But then every once in awhile someone amazing comes along and loves my child and it brings tears of joy that they can see what I see. My child is worth loving, full of compassion and love just under the surface.


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