Where Do You Find "Enough?"

“I’ve had enough!”
“I don’t have enough.”
Amazing, isn’t it? One word; two nuances
Out of my mouth, both phrases have come forth with tremendous force.
The bills mounted. Loved ones died. Answers to illness eluded. Job prospects failed. Circumstances overwhelm. My body, sore, from an inward battle against the anticipated realities that don’t exist. No more God. No more. I can’t take anymore. I’ve had enough! 
Of what have I had enough?
Again, the bills mounted. Loved ones died. Answers to illness eluded, job prospects failed.Circumstances overwhelm. My body, sore, from an inward battle against anticipated realities that don’t exist. I need more God. More. I don’t have enough!
Of what don’t I have enough?
How can you have too much and be lacking at the same time?
Perhaps, the answer is revealed when the phrases of desperation alter their audience.
Jesus, I’ve had enough! Jesus, I don’t have enough!
Suddenly, a vent becomes a lament or a prayer. But the focus has changed. No longer on our circumstances or ourselves. But on Jesus. Who is “enough.”
Ann Voskamp writes in her book Broken, writes about the sacredness of Jesus giving thanks before breaking the bread and giving it to his disciples. “How many times had I said it: “Eucharisteo precedes the miracle?” Thanksgiving precedes the miracle-the miracle of knowing all is enough….Not enough was given thanks for, and then the miracle happened: There was a breaking and a giving-into a kind of communion-into abundant filling within the community.” (boldness mine)
In the hard, Jesus is enough. In the abundance, Jesus is enough. When, I think I’m lacking, Jesus provides. Whether my hands are outward pushing away more perceived storms in my life or my hands are cupped; hoping for a steady rain to sustain me, Jesus is enough.
The blessing will come. I will recognize it when I realize that he is enough.
When have you witnessed that Jesus is enough?
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9 thoughts on “Where Do You Find "Enough?"

  1. Tara

    Eucharistio–I love that! I just got that book in the mail today. I’m over in the 39 spot today,

  2. Jeannie Prinsen

    This is beautiful, Stephanie: I think it truly IS a miracle to realize and really know that God is enough. It’s a work he does in us–we can’t figure it out on our own. That grace has to be experienced. Thanks for your reflection here.

  3. Jeanne Takenaka

    Stephanie, first of all, I’m sorry you’re going through hard right now. Especially when it has to do with our bodies, it can drain the vibrancy right out of us.
    That said, thank you for your beautiful words. I hadn’t thought about the enough/not enough conundrum. I love your encouragement to turn a vent into a lament, a prayer, honestly pouring out our prayers, our needs, our lack to the One who can fill them all.

  4. emhughsey

    I haven’t thought about ‘enough’ like that before! How we simultaneously cry out for having enough and not being enough…. so true.. Love the sense of perspective you bring to it through thanksgiving as well – powerful xx

  5. Cheryl

    The switch in focus is where the magic happens. Jesus knows how to handle our “I’ve had enough” and “I don’t have enough” realities with his enough. Good word. Now comes resting in it.
    Your FMF Neighbor,


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