How I Sense Your Embrace Through Your Creation

Awakened to the light radiating into my face,

the enveloping warmth spreads

reminding me of your abiding presence

Spring winds breathe on my skin

lulling me to sleep

whispering that you remain awake

The aroma of freshly cut grass lingers

surrounding me with the smell of your beauty

a fragrance bearing witness to your hand

Everywhere I go, Oh God, you embrace me

through all that your hands have made

affirming that you neither sleep nor slumber

You are ever over and around me.

This post is written for the Five Minute Writing Community prompt “Embrace”. Come join the fun





8 thoughts on “How I Sense Your Embrace Through Your Creation

  1. Jeanne Takenaka

    Beautiful poem, Stephanie! I love all the ways God embraces us through His creation. He absolutely leaves me in awe. And you’re right. We can use our five senses to be aware of His embraces for us. Have a great weekend!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Sarah, I loved your poem. I left a comment. Poetry is a new but old medium for me (used to write poems as a kid). The Holy Spirit breathed these words into me in poetry this time and during the prompt for “abandon.” Thank you for stopping by!



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