Finding Joy in Your Repurposing

For my husband and I, our first years of marriage involved living simply. Truthfully, the small apartment in which we resided seemed cozy. Our furnishings consisted of the necessities, and often times, played multiple purposes.
One hot Summer day, with sweat dripping and no air conditioning, I sought out our fan. Except, I couldn’t find it. In our small home consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room, the fan appeared no where. Both of us scanned each room. Nope.
And did I mention it was sprayed purple?
And then……we spotted it! Why we didn’t we see it before? 
Our fan had been repurposed as an endtable-next to our bed.
Our lives resemble that fan (although you may not be sprayed purple). Different seasons alter our purposes. Student, mother, wife, caregiver, employee…..
Wherever God deems to use us is an ordained purpose. However, our perspective does not always align with our Creator’s.  We are lured by the applause and validation by cultural standards of purpose. How can the sleep deprived state of a new mother caring for one share the same valued purpose as your former polished corporate self? Can you find fulfillment in overnight stocking at Target when you once pastored a church?(I did) Can the Holy spirit move in your fragile flesh with the same power that was made manifest in a previously energized healthy body?
In what way does God want to use you to proclaim that He is at work? Changing diapers? Caring for an ailing relative? Making a difference in your workplace? Serving in a greater capacity in your community or church? Wherever God places you, that is your title for a season. 
We can consider ourselves blessed. Because God has been in the business of redeeming and repurposing since the beginning. Although our actual names may not change, we find a common sisterhood in Esther (girl to queen), Sarah (barren woman to mother of a nation), Ruth (widow to new bride).
God’s promise to Israel extends to us as well:
The nations shall see your righteousness,
and all the kings your glory,
and you shall be called by a new name
that the mouth of the LORD will give.
3You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD,
and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” Isaiah 62:2-3
(This post is written for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt. Come join the fun!

9 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Your Repurposing

  1. Tara

    I love how you linked us to the women in the Bible? We are all persistent too. Your first house sounds a lot like my current house. I’m in the 5 spot this week.

  2. Jeannie Prinsen

    In my writing group the other night, our freewriting prompt was “under the bed” and I wrote about how my husband and I had once re-purposed a stack of books to hold up our sagging mattress! 🙂
    I especially love your words: “Wherever God deems to use us is an ordained purpose.” The little, unseen acts are of great value. My life quote is from Lord of the Rings (I quote it whenever I get a chance): “such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.” It’s good to remember that God’s plans and purposes for us are always good, even if they are unseen (even unappreciated) by the world.

  3. kelly @kellyblackwell

    Stephanie, you always bless me. I feel like I need to print this post out! I especially loved this:
    “Different seasons alter our purposes. Student, mother, wife, caregiver, employee…..”
    I feel like I totally get this. We have had so many different roles in this life and God’s purpose is alive in each and every one. We can also feel that purpose even when we are not currently active in one that maybe felt like the total right fit for good.
    Thank you for blessing me with your post. I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Visiting from lil ole FMF at #75.
    Kelly 🙂

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Kelly, Thank you for those kind comments! I think Esther and other women whose “publicly known” roles lasted just a portion of their lives. Surely, God’s purposes for them didn’t end. Just changed direction.

  4. Jeanne Takenaka

    Stephanie, yes! We are repurposed in the differing seasons of our lives, aren’t we? And the thing is, when we choose contentment in that season and when we embrace God’s purpose for us in that season, we can do it (yes, even changing #2 diapers) with joy. It’s in our perspective and our level of trust in God, isn’t it?


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