What I Hear in the Middle of the Night

The soft, comforting sensation of my fleece sheets protect me from the sting of the chill in the air. These winter days beckon sleep at anytime. The darkness tricks my mind. The warmth found in the cocoon of my blanket entices me to escape the drama of the day. So many voices calling my attention in so many directions.

Is it time for bed yet?

I jump into my refuge with abandon. Hoping to rest me brain with the silence and the recharge necessary to restore my cognitive functioning.

Quickly, I drift off to the sounds of my dog and my husband snoring. Sounds of familiarity and routinely marking the beat to the rhythm of silence.

But suddenly I awake. I squint at the numbers on the clock. Like “clockwork”, the red digits glow as they do quite often around this time: 3:30 (or 3:15, 3:10….) I am startled awake by nothing that produces audible sound.

Yet, I am unable to fall back asleep. Instead, I tune my mind to God’s voice.

Who needs prayer?

What are you leading me to write? or speak?

How can I serve you when the sun rises?

Though no one else is privy to these conversations, they exist. In the silence of the middle of the night.

(This post is part of Five Minute Friday. See http://www.katemotaung.com for more information or to join)



9 thoughts on “What I Hear in the Middle of the Night

  1. Tara

    Such a beautiful post. I often in the middle of the day or night find myself wondering who I need to pray for too. Over in the 14 spot this week.


  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Great writing, Stephanie. You really capture the ‘feeling’ of 0300.

    I’m awake through most of the night these days, but I try to find a position that’s semi-comfortable, and rest. I sleep in the kennel, so my wife can get a decent night’s sleep, and it’s fun to listen to the dogs snoring, and sometimes dreaming.

    #2 at FMF this week.



  3. Charlie

    “Is it time for bed yet?” This stay-at-home mom of four young kids knows that feeling only too well! I also know the quiet whispers of a loving God about whom I can say “when I awake I am still with you.” Thank you for this encouraging post today.


  4. Anita Ojeda

    I used to toss and turn in frustration when I couldn’t fall back to sleep in the middle of the night. Now I do what you do…I open a conversation with God asking him who I should pray for. He always brings someone to mind, and I usually drift off mid-sentence…but God understands!


  5. Somer

    I see the 3 o clock hour nightly almost. It is a good time to pray. Sometimes God can whisper insight to you right when you are hovering in between sleep and awake. In the silent calm.



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