How a life growing in me produces wild cravings

They caught me off guard.
Almost unsatiable.
As the new life developed inside of me, my body responded in ways that surprised me. Nothing prepared me for these cravings. As a child, I remember hearing the classic jokes about pickles and ice cream. Having never experienced pregnancy, the absurdity of consuming two seemingly opposing flavors together remained in my mind.
But then it began. Strong urges to consume certain foods took root inside me. In the first few months, hamburgers beckoned. So strange given that my desire for the classic sandwich never tempted me before.  Later, french fries beckoned my taste buds. The urges seemed unsatiable at times. How do I not recognize my own preferences? After twenty-eight years of identifying and occasionally indulging in tantalizing flavors that bring me joy, I felt a bit baffled.
In my ninth month, it was all about juice. Without warning, an SOS Flag was waved by my brain-As the fruity concoction poured down my throat, I felt relief. And yet yearned to guzzle more.
It’s Nineteen years later and I those moments are unforgettable. I no longer have those wild cravings. However, I find amazement in the ways the life growing inside of my body affects my own.
Similarly, My cravings to nourish my soul are rooted in the life developing within. As I surrender to letting the Holy Spirit loose in me, I crave to know more about my own Creator. I desire to be filled with more of God’s character and intentionally carve out time to “taste and see that the Lord is Good.” Unlike the juice that seemed to never satisfy me, drinking from Jesus’ well will quench my thirst.

4 thoughts on “How a life growing in me produces wild cravings

  1. Barbie

    Oh this is so good. I didn’t have many cravings wit my four children. I was so sick with the first two. God delights to satisfy our thirsty souls. Stopping by from the FMF at #6.

  2. Patricia

    May we all continue to crave Him. I like the idea of (even without a pregnancy) life continuing to grow inside as the Holy Spirit remains in us and grows our faith. Great things to think about!
    Peace for your growth.
    Patricia (FMF#37)


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