Enjoy!? Really? The breathless pace of our culture and the voices of motherly expectation subtly whisper of a different reality for me. I am a mom and a wife.  Shouldn’t my time and energy be poured into others? I try to relax. Curling up on a couch with Jane Austen brings immense joy….but shouldn’t I be doing something else?

The “should’s” haunt me. I never saw my mother rest.She seemed determined to form an identity out of weariness. But I was privy to a moment of enjoyment by a friend’s mom as my friend and I scurried around her home making jr. high mischief. And the image was captured in my mind. Moms can let go and be still? Enjoyment is permitted?

As I am reminded of that epiphany, I struggle with a culture of busy. One that conveys that success and productivity depends on checking off the list. By completing a resume of the soul that lingers on and on……But does it convey one’s identity? Does it create a mission statement of one’s life?

As I live in the tension, I am reminded of jesus’ intentionality to take time away. Even from curing. and teaching. and speaking. Despite his short window to draw others to his kingdom.

I desire to follow Jesus. In every way. I desire to lead my kids to Jesus by following him and modeling that in the flesh.

Enjoyment is sacred in a sense. Because it leads us to be more like Jesus. And that is my mission statement.



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