Why We Need Celebrations

As a parent, quiet moments of celebration mark milestones: tying shoes, riding a bike, potty training, first day of kindergarten. Affirmation and a special treat define those events as celebrations to your child.

Along the way, daily, more subdued, celebrations take place in my mind: clothes are clean, no missing lunch items as I pack, a healthy child heads out the door.

For all those things, I am grateful.

Yet, sometimes, I crave another kind of epic celebration. The kind where I hang out with friends with abandon or simply indulge in my favorite treats and coffee drink along with a book’s companionship. I remember that Jesus was no stranger to fun. Those bridesmaids he speaks of celebrated at a week long reception. His first miracle occurred at a party. His story of the prodigal son ends in a feast.

They offer us a taste of Heaven. A celebration offers us a brief small scale experience of the Immense Joy living in paradise with Jesus. The pleasure of our senses enjoying food, atmosphere, and community reminds us of the ultimate celebration after this life.

So the next time I’m tempted to turn down an invitation to mingle and munch or spend some time doing something I enjoy because of the influx of “to do” list items attempting to shout into my head, I will challenge myself to embrace the opportunity.

Because Jesus liked celebrating life too. 

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