Getting to your destination is the point of the journey, isn’t it?  or not…..Wednesday, my L and I embarked on a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  I had noticed on the website that certain days are free days and why not take advantage of that?  It was decided last week that we would go.  Lena had been begging me for months and it is a great way to learn without feeling like it’s “school”.  Lena got up early, I strategically navigated my get ready time in between the off to school routines of the other two kids and everything was on schedule.  I just needed to run a quick errand on the way.  That agenda alone should have red-flagged me. 

The errand involved depositing a check into a local Atm that accepted deposits to my bank that wasn’t local.  It was not an out of the ordinary event.  However, as I attempted my “quick” errand, it became apparent that it would not be as easy as I assumed.  For some reason, the ATM wouldn’t perform the transaction.  Frustrated, I thought I’d try another one.  Nope.  What?  Now, I will need to take time to call my bank to find out what’s going on?  As I picked up my phone, I realized it was dead. AARGH!  Now that means stopping home to call and by now we’ve lost a half hour.  The museum closes at 4:00pm.  This isn’t fitting with my goal of having all day at the museum! 

Surprisingly, L was not frustrated.  Usually change of plans does not sit well with her but she didn’t seem to mind.  I; however; was focused on resolving the problem-problems-at hand.  I made my call to the bank and found out that apparently certain local banks were not longer accepting “outside” transactions.  I was given a list of other banks to try.  All of this while hoping to make a deposit by a certain time so we can get to our destination!  So, out of the house we ran.  After trying a few banks on the list and my frustration turning to despair at the thought for my day with my daughter being shortchanged,  I finally resolved the ATM issue! 

Again, I noticed that through it all Lena still was not upset.  I remembered a friend of mine saying that when her plans get detoured, she actually thanks God because the inconveniences may have actually been the hand of God at work.  Hmmmm.  It’s possible that L was just happy to spend the day together and the museum was part of it.

In the end, it was all good.  We had plenty of time to enjoy the museum.  I had even found a place to charge my phone-except that I forgot to bring the charging piece with!

All my securities and agendas were taken away.  The day was nothing like I envisioned.  And I am thankful.

Perhaps, it was a reminder for how life should be lived:  Living in the moments that lead to the destination.

Isn’t that why Jesus said he came to give us life in the abundant on Earth? (John 10:10)  For that I am thankful.

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